This is an application of zebras that look like wearing haute couture of masterpiece stripes that the savanna created.

Isn't the many designs with stripes in our lives such as in sofas, cushions, dishware and clothing been inspired from the stripes of the zebra?

A heart took these pictures so fascinated by those typical stripes of zebras of the gravy zebra. His feet entered the North of Kenya, Sanburu, so many times for the purpose.

There are many different expressions of the zebras found in this application, cute, precocious or mischievous, which make you feel like you are gazing at those zebras from the cool shade of the trees and hopefully, this application would make you relaxed from your hard day of work.

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Born in the Ishikawa prefecture, Japan.  After retiring Seconik Co. Ltd., started working professionally in the field of commercial photography as a photographer.

Later, he founded his own company; HAND MADE, which today, he works hard as president.

On his first safari-photography trip to Kenya, he was frustrated to have limited time to take photos of animals, his most favorite subjects, so he became to extend his trips.

"When facing the animals at the savanna, I feel that it is not THEM, the lions, the cheetahs and the zebras, but US that are observed.

The savanna is THEIR territory.  I try not to forget the feeling that they are the heroes every time I take their photos.”

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